Tuesday, April 3, 2007

All my monkeys

For those of you who really know me, you'll already have know that I used to collect stuffed monkeys. And I'm not just talking about a couple here and there but I mean hordes of monkeys. I had at one point in my life, 104 monkeys in total! In my adolescence I also named most of these monkeys after cheeses (to this day I have no clue why). For example I had Grilled Cheese, my first one ever, Mozarella, Swiss, Gouda, White, Marble, Parmesan, Blue, Montery Jack. Then I got creative and switched to weird names like, Stretch, Pinky and Shifty. Also I once had a monkey who was the size of my sister, (she was 7 or 8 at the time).

Yes, I had a lot of monkeys, I loved them and they loved me. If you're not convinced, ask Briggins for pictures. We used to play hockey with them. Teams and everything.



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