Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Heroes Week

For the next week or so I will make a short blog about the heroes in my life and I'll be saving the best for last. Props to the people who guess who my favorite hero will be.

To start things off I'll go with Romeo Dallaire.
I studied this guy in grade 11 Canadian History and man did he leave an impact on me. Dallaire was a United Nations Peacekeeper in the early 90's and in 1993 during the civil war in Rwanda, Africa he was sent along with 300 soldiers to establish peace in the country. For a while his mission was a success but eventually the reinforcments who were supposed to be sent to relieve the troops decided not to come, leaving Dallaire and his men in horrible circumstances. Many of his men left, leaving Dallaire with only a few men left in his regiment to sustain an entire country! Unbelievably, Dallaire decided to stay despite the small numbers and lack of resources. In his 3 months there he saved the lives of thousands of refugees but eventually developed post tramautic stress disorder because of the Hell that he witnessed while doing what nobody else was willing to do. Dallaire now works for the Canadian Government but still suffers from his disorder every day and is constantly lamenting the U.N to do more in Africa.

Romeo Dallaire is a true hero as he was willing to risk his life (despite the insurmountable odds that surrounded him) for a people that nobody cared about.



Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why do we do it? Because we can!

Several years ago myself and a few guys from my grade 10 french class made this stupid movie that involved really dumb guy antics. From playing flaming ball croquet to shooting off fireworks at paper airplanes we did some things that a lot of people would give the looks mothers give when their kids have just done a stupid stupid thing. Of my favorite of these antics was a disgusting combo drink we concocted. We put everything from salsa, jalapenos, pepto bismol, 3 year expired spam into this thing. And guess who was the crazy weasel daring enought to drink the madness. If you guessed not me then you're.............WRONG!...I drank it down and never looked back. As I was doing this I thought to myself "Ryan, this may be fun now but is it really worth it?" Maybe I should listen to my conscience a bit more in the future prior to me doing something as crazy as the drink. My lesson learned, I have never done something that crazy for a while...unless I tell you my tornado science project story but thats another tale for another time.



Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Its bloody cold outside

Two words for y'all...BRRRR. Nova Scotia is a real interesting weather spot. One week it was brisky outside and you could wear a long sleeve shirt. These past few weeks have reduced me to wearing sweaters, touques, two pairs of socks. Although I dont mind winter as much as some, *cough* Momma and Julia* I yearn for spring and summer days. If I get on at Malagash this summer, I promise to make the most of the summer by wearing shorts and t-shirts the entire time.



Saturday, January 20, 2007

whats going down

I've just been thinking lately, what on earth will I be able to do with a Bachelor of Arts and then a pursuit of a Major in History and the such? I'd love to be like Indiana Jones and travel the world, visiting amazing historical sites, beat up some gangsta's and get the girl (just kidding) but unfortunately Harrison Ford beat me to the punch. But seriously I've been wondering about this for a while, what can a guy do with an education such as this. I've heard the usual professor, teacher, such and such suggestion but I'd like to do something other than those things.

If all else fails I move into plan B which is quit school and become a fantasy sports expert alongside my chum Briggins.



Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Look a likes

So I've been thinking recently, why do people have lookalikes in the world. Is it merely a coincidence or is there some reason behind it. My conclusion on the matter is that I'm just glad God's creation is so perfect that there are no two people alike on the planet. Who could handle two Jonny Hartlens or weird MacDonald ladies named Darlene I may ask. Anyways heres my supposed look a like in the world that Jonathan pointed out to me earlier. His name is Ron Francis, an ex NHL supastar. Just add some glasses and prepare for a gasp.

Freaky isnt it?

For all you bloggers, do a blog with your look a like on it.



Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ryans Top Songs to listen to when you're feelin blue

Not that I myself am feeling blue but whenever I get the grumps or the mumps I tend to listen to a couple of my favorite songs

1. Muse Knights of Cydonia: Time is Running Out, Exo Politics
2.U2: City of Blinding Lights, Hands that Built America, Electric Co.
3. Keane: Leaving so soon, Is it any wonder, everybody's changing
4. Our Lady Peace: Supermans Dead, 4am
5. Sir Justin Timberlake: Sexy Back

I dont care how much of a nerf Timbo is, that song just gets me going. If they'd only make the lyrics way cleaner I'd feel comfortable playing this song with the likes of Maurice Nanton and Roy Harvie.



Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Snowbowl approaches

Well its down to that time of year again and your average everday people will once again lace up for an insane day of football at TreMont field. Last year the Fall River phonies won the whole shindig because of their dumb all-nova scotian team where they had 2 subs (including the traitor Julia) in an icy cold field plus they are just rough. This year however Grace Chapel will reclaim what has been so abruptly stolen from them with a handful of new teams including one that I'll talk about in 2 seconds...

The unnamed team I speak of consists of 6 players: Me, Briggs, Nelson, Julia (she defected from Fall River) Harris and his friend Tanner. This years Sno-Bowl is for the first time a gunslinger league. For those of you who dont know what that is, its a passing only game. Thats right NO RUNS, unless one of us has an accident but lets not go there.

With passing only our unnamed team is hoping to act upon the challenge with a team full of quick legs and smart hands. Could this be the year of the unnamed team...time will tell.



P.S Footballs not stupid Julia and one day you will be a drone like me and Briggs and talk about football every day of the week, mark my words you're time will come.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Man and the football

Why is that whenever the playoffs start and the NFL's best battle it out amongst one another for SuperBowl glory that men lose focus of everything else and concentrate on the good ol pigskin. Its like we're being sucked into an inescapable void that will control our lives for the next couple of weeks. This question has vexed me for quite some time now....but I can hardly complain as I am one of those people who does get sucked in.

Go Colts