Saturday, December 23, 2006

Better watch out, Sean and Ruth are coming to town

Finally the day has arrived. My brother and sister in law are coming back to good old Nova Scotia. Words can hardly express how I feel but if I were to create one word it would be this


in other words i am just really excited



Friday, December 22, 2006

Ryans Christmas Poem

So here we are, we've arrived at the Christmas Season
A time of comfort and joy, why not? Jesus after all is the reason
Its in these next few days that we embrace one another in kindness and love
An easy thing to do as we have love within us, from high up above.

Tis the season to be merry and hopeful and enjoy our Saviours birth
Not a time for presents and eggnog but to remember what it's all worth
Who cares about Jonny's new bike or Susies easy bake oven
The only gift we should focus on is Gods everlasting lovin.

Not Santa or Snowflakes or Chestnuts over an open fire
Not a competition to see who can become the biggest buyer
Not a time of parties, secret santas and worrying about gettin the gout
Above all, its remembering Jesus' birth, what its really about.

What is your Christmas about this holiday season?



Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Mornin Football

Today I played a gruesome game of flag football with a few of the youth from my church. As much fun as it was, I am sooo exhausted as of right now. Picture a drowsy looking Snuffaluffagus from Sesame Street and thats me. Wait a second, Snuffaluffagus is always drowsy. Better yet just picture a drowsy me and there ya go. Anyhoo this football game was a great precursor to the up and coming Annual Snow-Bowl, I learned some valuable moves and qualities of a few certain players so I know what to be expecting when the time comes. My ultimate team consisting of Briggins Jr, Dyl Harris, Julia and Nelson shall rip up the field as quick as a pair of 30 inch waist pants rip when a 50 inch chubster tries them on at Value Village.

Cheers and Merry Christmas


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Tragedy of the Movie Theatre Consumerism

As a few of you are aware, I have busted my butt working at Empire Theatres 18 in Bayers Lake for well over 2 years now. Many a time I have scoffed at the poor qualities the business has to offer. For instance, a small bag of popcorn, as of right now, costs $4.55 and a normal bottle of water is $3.35. Freakin highway robbery is what I call that piece of garbage. On top of that, they make you pay an additonal 56 cents for butter, so unless you are willing top pay over 5 bucks you cant enjoy a wholesome popcorny meal whilst sitting back and enjoying the show. The sad thing my friends....people still buy this expensive junk and it breaks my heart everytime I sell it to the misguided people of Nova Scotia. What is the world coming to? Just sneak in your own food or go to the dollar store.

Bottom line....don't buy movie theatre food, it'll burn a whole in your pocket and in your soul as you later on in life contemplate the stupidity you contained in your movie-going career.



Monday, December 18, 2006

Forrest Gump goes to heaven

This is hilarious guys enjoy it

The day finally arrived; Forrest Gump dies and goes to Heaven. He is at the Pearly Gates, met by St. Peter himself. However, the gates are closed and Forrest approaches the Gatekeeper. St. Peter says, "Well, Forrest, it's certainly good to see you. We have heard a lot about you. I must tell you, though, that the place is filling up fast, and we've been administering an entrance examination for everyone. The test is short, but you have to pass it before you can get into Heaven." Forrest responds, "It shor is good to be here , St. Peter, sir. But nobody ever tolt me about any entrance exam. Shor hope the test ain't too hard; life was a big enough test as it was."

St. Peter goes on, "Yes, I know, Forrest, but the test is only three

First: How many days of the week begin with the letter T? Second: How many seconds are there in a year? Third: What is God's first name?"

Forrest leaves to think the questions over. He returns the next day
and sees St. Peter who waves him up and says, "Now that you have had a chance to think
the questions over, tell me your answers." Forrest says, "Well, the first one -- which two days in the week begin with the letter "T"? Shucks, that one's easy. That'd be Today and Tomorrow. The Saint's eyes open wide and he exclaims, "Forrest, that's not what I was thinking, but you do have a point, and I guess I didn't specify, so I'll give you credit for that answer.

How about the next one?" asks St. Peter. "How many seconds in a year?" "Now that one's harder," says Forrest, "but I thunk and thunk about that and I guess the only answer can be twelve." Astounded, St. Peter says, "Twelve? Twelve!? Forrest, how in Heaven's name could you come up with twelve seconds in a year?" Forrest says "Shucks, there's gotta be twelve: January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd. . " "Hold it, " interrupts St. Peter. "I see where you're going with this, and I see your point, though that wasn't quite what I had in mind.....but I'll have to give you credit for that one, too.

Let's go on with the third and final question. Can you tell me God's first name"? "Sure" Forrest replied, "its Andy." "Andy?!" exclaimed an exasperated and frustrated St. Peter. "Ok, I can understand how you came up with your answers to my first two questions, but just how in the world did you come up with the name Andy as the first name God?" "Shucks, that was the easiest one of all," Forrest replied. "I learntit from the song. . . "ANDY WALKS WITH ME, ANDY TALKS WITH ME, ANDY TELLS ME I AM HIS OWN. . . ."

St. Peter opened the Pearly Gates and said:
"Run Forrest, run."



Saturday, December 16, 2006

Monday Night Hockey

Tonight I feel I shall write an account of the boys and men that have fought gallantly and some not so gallantly in the Grace Chapel Mens Floor Hockey Association or the GCMFHA for short.

McMullen Boys, Poppa McMullen, Ryan, Matt and Sean: These boys are go getters to say the least, hearts pumpin and full of adrenaline they tear through the carpeted gym with domination. Seans been on the free agent list for a while but he'll be back someday in the future. Poppa is a tank that literally bulldozes his opponents, Matt is quick like a catfish and Ryan, well he "kramers his way" on the floor.

Briggins Boys, Jonathan and David: Like father like son as the old saying goes. David has the shots, the deeks, the passes and most importantly the bomb defence skills. Briggins has an insanse ability to get the ball past any defender and to the open man on 99% of his attempts. These boys know their hockey and know this good ol game better then most of the boys.

Timberlea Titans, Hudson, Dave, Mark and Injury reserved Ken Jones: Hudson the hailed exiled Acadian shows his skill in nets and on the carpet with the "stick it to da man" theology of hockey, Dave is a powerhouse who can shoot, score and take down crazies like Jonny without remorseful thinking. Mark's name should be changed to Mr. D for his amazing abilities to defend the offence from taking hard shots on his goalie. IR Ken Jones, Monsieur Spandex is another "stick it to da man" type guy who will literrally stick with whoever hes defending. Spandex sticks to him too, but nonetheless the boys from Timberlea are terrific and tubular.

Bedford Boys, Dan, Mark, Jacob: Dan has one of the most hardest, most accurate shots in the GCMFHA and has shown his stuff again and again every night. Mark is probably the best stickhandler of the bunch and can make crucial plays, Jacob is the guy who you can just rely on with good passes, good shots and a masculine physique that you can count on to distract your opponents. Cheers for the Bedford Boys.

Sexy Spryfield, Jonny, Glenn, Jordan: Jonny is the Mr. T of this league, simply said, this guy is agressive and has a good ability to get goals when they are needed. If only he'd stop coaching and quit nagging on every guy in the gym. Glenn has an amazing shot and an insane backhand that nullifies the boys of the league, Jordan another free agent as of late is another good player who gets his job done.

Cole Harbour, Jonathan. Forsyth is the comic relief of the league. A good goalie that takes a beating and is the victim of many a nurple and groin shot. By far the strongest grade 8 I've ever seen. Bravo Jono.

Nelson, this guy is in a category of his own with his quickness and relentless ability to do well in every aspect of the game.

No clue where they're from guys, Darryl, Chris, Steve Brown: Darryl, the nice one is officially the most improved player of the GCMFHA as this guy has gone from the bottom to the top with his quick shots and assists. Chris, Darryl's friend has been a newcomer but could easily claim Rookie of the Year with his dymanic skills on the carpet with moves I've only seen in Space Oddysseys. Steve Brown the oh so dirty player who has some good skills but just plays with so much cheap shtos and hooks that could nab a whole school of fish.

And thats the Monday Night Hockey scoop

Let me know if I missed any players.



Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Early Mornin Madness

Today I woke up at around 10:30, a usually good time to wake up I must say but when I did I felt a whopper of a drowsy combo, grogginess, nauseous and starving. Like tripping on pa-otti without the pa-otti....(can someone tell me what pa-otti is anyways). Anyways, I did my daily search for food in my kitchen for 2 minutes without finding anything so I came to the computer and checked up on my dynamic fantasy sport teams.

Can't wait for Christmas



Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jamaican Bobsled Team? Canadian Tricycle Teams much better!

As my title indicates there is (or was) in fact a Canadian Tricycle Team.

It began in the yesteryears of our yesterdays long, long ago when myself and my brothas had within our arsenal a petite red tricycle. Initially designed for 5-6 years old, us brothers McMullen took it upon ourselves to learn the ways of the tri-cycle. Since I do not have primary photo imagery of our tri-cycle team I will have to thus indulge you readers with a Paint Picture I drew up in about 5 mins.
For some reason blogspot hates me and I cant get the pic formated the way I want it so bear with me on this one.
Anyways, as our team would go, Sean would be the driver and might I add the most comfortable seat on the cycle. I on the otherhand would place myself on the back of the tricycle holding on to the curved pole connecting the back and the front seat. Matt would yell out encouragement as this was a two man effort. sorry matt. Anyhoo, we would situate ourselves at the top of a moderately steep hill and at the count of three, caroose down this hill as fast as possible. Not even giving a hootenany about the oncoming traffic we would race down this hill like a chubby guy runs to A&W for the grandpa burger.
Moral of the story is...............dont tricycle because it only ends up in bruised bottoms and hearty headaches and we have the scars to prove it true.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

My four months at Kings

So as most of you know, I took the Foundation Year Programme at University of Kings this Fall/Winter. This course was probably the hardest, craziest and yet most enjoyable 4 months of my education career.

I honestly have read more literature in the past 4 months than in my entire life, over hundreds of Archie comics included. I learned about the Ancient World and how Greeks/Romans perceived the world through epic tales and debates on how to rule the world. I learned about the Middle Ages and how people came to know God, to use Him and how people perceived Hell and Heaven. I also learned of the Renaissance years and how people spread Chrisitianity into all corners of the world in the Reformation period.

So as you can see, I learned an extreme amount of things this year so far and I got through it in the end with a smile on my face.



Friday, December 1, 2006

Yes! I remember my password!

Well as my title indicates I finally remembered my password and can continue blogging.

So quite a few days have passed by since my last journal entry and not much has happened so I feel it necessary to call upon the ancient Muses to help me recite a lyric of my days of old.

I shall recount the story of my first meeting with my sister in law Ruth. It was a cold wintery night in the year of the 2000 and 5 and my partner in crime Briggins was accompanying me at my humble abode. The phone rang once, twice and I finally picked it up. It was Sean. He was calling to catch up with my person and relegate <----is this a word?, his experiences at Bible College, etc, etc. Anyways, the real reason he called was to introduce me via the phone his new girly Ruth. (They weren't married at the time). We said our hellos, our hows it goings and finally nice to meet you's and so on. She had to go for a second (or so I thought) so I took the oppurtunity in expressing to Briggins my thoughts on the lass. Quite frankly my words were, "WOW, she sounds pretty awesome!" To my adolescent awkwardness, Ruth was apparently still on the phone and had heard me speak the my astounding words. (or so I believe).

.........Never in my life was I so glad to be over 100 miles away from the person I was talking to. Embarassed, surprised and in a chuckling mood I quickly said c ya and got out of the convo. Briggins and I had a good hysterical laugh afterwards.

Anyways thats my story



P.S. If you'll comment, invoke ideas for me to write about, I would love the input.