Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Man alive I am a bad blogger

So it's official. A Ping Pong Master I may be, but a consistent blogger I am not.

Anyways, I feel today that I shall share with you, a story that happened to me not too long ago.

It was the summer of 07, and it was a hot day, hot like toast that just popped out of the toaster and hot enough to melt the spreaded butter instantly. I was riding on my bike, and I was cruising like a Malaysian elephant through a dense jungle. On my journey I noticed a path that went off the main path so I took the initiative to take the plunge down this narrow, hidden road. After biking down it for a while, I eventually wound up on a steep, elevated land mass from which I could see for a long ways off, like a pirate in the crows nest, I could see quite a bit. All of a sudden I heard two voices not far from me, I didn't like the sound of their speech, like a dog hearing the doorbell ring and unaware of who or what is at the door. I then took it upon myself to get out of that area as fast as I could, fast like a Kenyan. Unfortunately, in my panic, I tumbled down a somewhat steep hill and into a big bush. As I layed there and pondered my pain and previous course of action, I heard the voices from up high and came to realize they were two simple elderly folk on a hike. My fear subsided, I searched for the trail, returned to the main path and journey back home.



Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bloggin again

Although I've left the blogging scene for a while, I'm still clinging on by the skin of the pixels on the screen. Heres what has transpired since i last blogged.

-Finished my second year of University
-Became a stormtrooper again.
-Got high off morphine and other various drugs
-Learned some swing dance moves
-Went biking for the first time in a long time
-Started packing up the house for the big move on May 24

Now that I am done school, I've got quite a bit of free time on my hands so why not blog. I'll do my best, but I know I wont come close to daily bloggage that my esteemed collegue Master Briggins commits to.



Thursday, February 14, 2008

Man, oh man

I must say that blogging is like exercise. You stop for a couple days an you dont pick it up for a long time, not until you other people doing it and you feel compelled to do the same. Unless you're like Mr. Briggins who is a daily blogger.

Since December 19, Christmas happened, New Years at Briggins with Briggins family at Briggins home happened. Second semester started, Colts lost in the playoffs, Giants made history, Snobowl happened, A good friend left the country for several months, Brother and Sister are coming down for Feb. break. Malagash application form has been sent and Brian Hill still has no hair on his legs.

Who knows when my next blog will be. Anybody who can guess it right, I will give a kiss, that is to say a hershey kiss, or is it not? Perhaps it is real but I am misleading you into thinking that it is a chocolate that will be bestowed upon your person. But then again I am from Timberlea, and we all know that Timbo peeps can pretend to be misleading but really aren't so when you believe I am misleading you and think you see around my devious plot I truly am misleading you all along.

Man I need to get off this computer at school and go to class.
Man I need to start using this time to do more productive work
Man I need to stop writing


But I can't, It's taken over me..ahah



Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hibernations Over

So I guess I took 3 months off the blogging, as soon as school started I just lost the "go-ahead" attitude to write down my memoirs and thoughts as I didn't want to write anything more down than what I already had. So heres my version of the fastest 3 minutes of the pass three months.

September-started school, did 5 courses in history and philosophy. coolest one out of the 5 was definitly philosophy, even though I was confused beyond belief, the prof was what i pictured Dr Cornelius to be when I first listened to the Narnia audio tapes. for a while school was pretty shlick, i had jordan and jill (karen) in a few of my classes, but for the most part I was alone like Will Smith in I am Legend, minus the zombie creature part. I also started leadering at Youth Group with the Senior Highs, its fun but kindof sad because this year especially is the last year of a big group of kids, theres over 12 kids graduating this year and a lot of them are friends I hang out with.

October-didn't do halloween with jonathan this year, floor hockey started up again where i'm a full time goalie, one night i got so sick and had to run to the bathroom where i, to put it short, exploded, it wasn't cool. sorry wendy forsythe. (church maintenance lady). went to my nanny's 80th birthday party in New Brunswick, met a lot of relatives i never knew existed or were still in existence. oh yeah, september and october was the month that i played goalie for NUNS ON THE RUN, a DAL inturmural soccer team. we played well our first couple games, then tanked the rest. made the playoffs, lost, challenged a team based on illegible player, won the game by forfeit, i didnt play the following game because we too had players who were inelligible, our team played regardless, and lost, i was glad because we shouldnt have played in the first place.

November-same old routine, during these months me, jonathan, josh macisaac, james howitt and dave marsh hold a bible study every tuesday night which has been a very cool thing to have this year. school goes by, matt and amy are on the path to becoming a married couple, linds is getting into fashion, having more friends, one day she tried giving me a fo-hawk, didnt work out to my dismay.

December-exams are done, christmas is around the corner, colts are going to the playoffs, life is good all around, it'll be a strange christmas because it'll be the first without sean and ruth.

Listen to Imogen Heap, they are what Jacob would call, re-dick



P.S Now that I have no job, no school, and I live in Timberlea which is far from my friends, I will be blogging a little more these days.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Coming off of hibernation

The last time I wrote it was still summer and August for that matter. Now its two weeks since my last post so I thought i'd write a little about whats been going down before I get back into the swing of Malagash posts.

1. Dalhousie is nothing but a money sucking devil machine that while teaches you valuable knowledge for the future, takes your money for all your worth. And for that I dislike Dalhousie.
I had a chat with a bookstore guy today who said it'd be sweet if tuition in Nova Scotia was free so that by that students could purchase books without the feeling of "Ah man i don't want this or this cost too much and its only good for a few months!" He feels that if it were free, people would enjoy buying books and want to go to school a lot more. Nice chap he was.

2. Youth Group is up and coming and I'm looking forward to spending another year with the kids in Senior High. I'm also glad to hear that Jenni will be helping out too. Very much needed as so many of last years leaders are just not returning this year.

3. I have a painful cut on the bottom of my foot and I fear it may have gotten infected because the color is not looking too pleasant.

4. I have a dream. That men of all kinds can walk this earth without the excruciating feelings of chaffage. Fight the power boys!

5. Indianapolis Colts are 2-0-0 to start the season off, which means they are off to a great start to defending their SuperBowl title. I also would like to add that I love Marvin Harrison.

6. My parents are going to Ontario in a few days for a week so I will be alone with Matt and Linds for a while which will be interesting.

7. I really, really, really want a ping pong table again and after walking by some guys playing in Risley Hall I have been craving it like a chubster craves MacDonalds.

8. Arrested Development and Radiohead are growing me more and more.

9. Men cannot and will not ever have babies.

10. I'm going to go watch Seinfeld and do some reading.



Friday, August 31, 2007

Malagash Bible Camp Entry 7

3-5 week, probably my hardest week to go through this summer. It was both mentally and physically draining.

I was counselling with Arthur Jeffersen this week, a fine lad whom I found really it easy to work with. The kids I had were named Brendan, Zach, Noah, Micah, Dylan, Jacob and Matt. They were great kids. Directing this week was Jordan and later accompanied by his sister Bethany. Speaking was Peter Mathieson from Alberta and accompanying him was Jan Soltek, both guys were awesome and really helped make the week go by well.

This week was the hottest of any week of the summer, hands down. This week Jordan brought Medieval Ages to life which really helped in getting the kids in the mood for the chapel skit, which was set in Medieval times. Our cabin was called Galderland. In the words of Micah "Galderland shall wule them all!". Michah definitly provided a lot of laughs for the cabin and camp this week with his infamous statement "Awthur youw supposse'd to be gawding the piwon!". Really funny kid.

Cabin devos were a challenge this week. At such a young age I find it hard to really open up to the kids in a way that'll get through to them. They listened well as I told them stories from the Bible and I don't know if any one of them was changed this week but I do feel that God's presence was shown this week. Peter spoke about Samuel and Joshua and taught the kids they can do great things despite their age.

A few memories I have of this week were watching Noah Bush's face after the slip and slide. Just priceless. Dancing to Rammstein in the cabin with the guys at night. Watching Noah's expression on his face after seeing the money that Tooth Fairy Christianne put under his pillow the day after his tooth fell out. Micah's random outbursts of Medieval chants. Brendan attacking my fan at night thinking it was a giant moth.

One of my not so fond memories was my unfortunate first night in Tatamagouche. Coming out of chapel thursday night, I felt really dizzy. I noticed walking towards the bridge, I was walking diagonally. Getting closer to the lodge I told Josh I felt really weird. I kindof collapsed there and Anna came running over. I was helped over to the nurses station where I layed down and started shaking a little bit. I was freaked out. Julia came in like an angel and prayed over me, giving me comforting words. I'll never forget the kindness she showed me. They decided I should go to the hospital immediately so Chris and Anna sped me over there. When I got there the Dr. Glasgow told me I was simply under heat exhaustion and that I had to stay the night. Let me tell you, the night wasnt the best. I had an old man in the bed next to me who was grumpy and wouldnt take his pants off to put on his Johnny shirt, the nurses were snarky as they wouldnt let Anna take in Julias note for me and the food was horrible.

All in all I got back safe and sound and it was a great week.


"Gawderland shall wule them all" -Micah


Wednesday, August 29, 2007