Thursday, February 14, 2008

Man, oh man

I must say that blogging is like exercise. You stop for a couple days an you dont pick it up for a long time, not until you other people doing it and you feel compelled to do the same. Unless you're like Mr. Briggins who is a daily blogger.

Since December 19, Christmas happened, New Years at Briggins with Briggins family at Briggins home happened. Second semester started, Colts lost in the playoffs, Giants made history, Snobowl happened, A good friend left the country for several months, Brother and Sister are coming down for Feb. break. Malagash application form has been sent and Brian Hill still has no hair on his legs.

Who knows when my next blog will be. Anybody who can guess it right, I will give a kiss, that is to say a hershey kiss, or is it not? Perhaps it is real but I am misleading you into thinking that it is a chocolate that will be bestowed upon your person. But then again I am from Timberlea, and we all know that Timbo peeps can pretend to be misleading but really aren't so when you believe I am misleading you and think you see around my devious plot I truly am misleading you all along.

Man I need to get off this computer at school and go to class.
Man I need to start using this time to do more productive work
Man I need to stop writing


But I can't, It's taken over me..ahah



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