Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hibernations Over

So I guess I took 3 months off the blogging, as soon as school started I just lost the "go-ahead" attitude to write down my memoirs and thoughts as I didn't want to write anything more down than what I already had. So heres my version of the fastest 3 minutes of the pass three months.

September-started school, did 5 courses in history and philosophy. coolest one out of the 5 was definitly philosophy, even though I was confused beyond belief, the prof was what i pictured Dr Cornelius to be when I first listened to the Narnia audio tapes. for a while school was pretty shlick, i had jordan and jill (karen) in a few of my classes, but for the most part I was alone like Will Smith in I am Legend, minus the zombie creature part. I also started leadering at Youth Group with the Senior Highs, its fun but kindof sad because this year especially is the last year of a big group of kids, theres over 12 kids graduating this year and a lot of them are friends I hang out with.

October-didn't do halloween with jonathan this year, floor hockey started up again where i'm a full time goalie, one night i got so sick and had to run to the bathroom where i, to put it short, exploded, it wasn't cool. sorry wendy forsythe. (church maintenance lady). went to my nanny's 80th birthday party in New Brunswick, met a lot of relatives i never knew existed or were still in existence. oh yeah, september and october was the month that i played goalie for NUNS ON THE RUN, a DAL inturmural soccer team. we played well our first couple games, then tanked the rest. made the playoffs, lost, challenged a team based on illegible player, won the game by forfeit, i didnt play the following game because we too had players who were inelligible, our team played regardless, and lost, i was glad because we shouldnt have played in the first place.

November-same old routine, during these months me, jonathan, josh macisaac, james howitt and dave marsh hold a bible study every tuesday night which has been a very cool thing to have this year. school goes by, matt and amy are on the path to becoming a married couple, linds is getting into fashion, having more friends, one day she tried giving me a fo-hawk, didnt work out to my dismay.

December-exams are done, christmas is around the corner, colts are going to the playoffs, life is good all around, it'll be a strange christmas because it'll be the first without sean and ruth.

Listen to Imogen Heap, they are what Jacob would call, re-dick



P.S Now that I have no job, no school, and I live in Timberlea which is far from my friends, I will be blogging a little more these days.

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