Friday, August 31, 2007

Malagash Bible Camp Entry 7

3-5 week, probably my hardest week to go through this summer. It was both mentally and physically draining.

I was counselling with Arthur Jeffersen this week, a fine lad whom I found really it easy to work with. The kids I had were named Brendan, Zach, Noah, Micah, Dylan, Jacob and Matt. They were great kids. Directing this week was Jordan and later accompanied by his sister Bethany. Speaking was Peter Mathieson from Alberta and accompanying him was Jan Soltek, both guys were awesome and really helped make the week go by well.

This week was the hottest of any week of the summer, hands down. This week Jordan brought Medieval Ages to life which really helped in getting the kids in the mood for the chapel skit, which was set in Medieval times. Our cabin was called Galderland. In the words of Micah "Galderland shall wule them all!". Michah definitly provided a lot of laughs for the cabin and camp this week with his infamous statement "Awthur youw supposse'd to be gawding the piwon!". Really funny kid.

Cabin devos were a challenge this week. At such a young age I find it hard to really open up to the kids in a way that'll get through to them. They listened well as I told them stories from the Bible and I don't know if any one of them was changed this week but I do feel that God's presence was shown this week. Peter spoke about Samuel and Joshua and taught the kids they can do great things despite their age.

A few memories I have of this week were watching Noah Bush's face after the slip and slide. Just priceless. Dancing to Rammstein in the cabin with the guys at night. Watching Noah's expression on his face after seeing the money that Tooth Fairy Christianne put under his pillow the day after his tooth fell out. Micah's random outbursts of Medieval chants. Brendan attacking my fan at night thinking it was a giant moth.

One of my not so fond memories was my unfortunate first night in Tatamagouche. Coming out of chapel thursday night, I felt really dizzy. I noticed walking towards the bridge, I was walking diagonally. Getting closer to the lodge I told Josh I felt really weird. I kindof collapsed there and Anna came running over. I was helped over to the nurses station where I layed down and started shaking a little bit. I was freaked out. Julia came in like an angel and prayed over me, giving me comforting words. I'll never forget the kindness she showed me. They decided I should go to the hospital immediately so Chris and Anna sped me over there. When I got there the Dr. Glasgow told me I was simply under heat exhaustion and that I had to stay the night. Let me tell you, the night wasnt the best. I had an old man in the bed next to me who was grumpy and wouldnt take his pants off to put on his Johnny shirt, the nurses were snarky as they wouldnt let Anna take in Julias note for me and the food was horrible.

All in all I got back safe and sound and it was a great week.


"Gawderland shall wule them all" -Micah



julia said...

awthuhhhhh, youwah supposed to be gawdding the piwonnn.
oh gee. so so funny

Christiane said...

I laughed out loud at this blog :) Micah was really entertaining... I remember watching your cabin build their sandcastle and he was trying to get your attention... "wyan...Wyan...WYAN!!!'s a hwrmitcwab gwaveyawrd"

Jenn said...

Update time Wyan!!!