Friday, August 24, 2007

A break from Malagash posts

I thought today I'd just write about a few funny things I've encountered or noticed or am willling to confess over the past 24 hours.

1. I am scared of audio tapes and the dark. The past couple of nights I've listened to Narnia in my bed. Because the dark plays tricks with my mind, I make sure I have 3 big blankets on, totally sealed off any visible part of the room and suffocate myself while doing so. This way I can't be touched by anything outside the zone of my bed. True story.

2. Sam Merrell is over this week and he just destroyed my bathroom. Nice guy though, we went for a walk yesterday and today he bought me a Dikembe Mutombo Mplondo Wakumba Jean Jaques Wamatumbo jersey. <-----his actual name, don't believe me, look it up on Wikipedia. I'll miss the young lad when he goes back to the island.

3. School starts in a little less than 2 weeks and I'm excited and anxious to get it going.

4. My Mom and me just played a game of War, 21 and Gin Rummy, excellent card games.

5. I just hit homerun number 54 with David Ortiz on my MLB 05 game.

6. I want to go biking today but its raining.

7. I miss Lukes handstands, Annas crazy monster face, seeing Chris's buttocks everyday, discussing Flint Churchill with Josh, laughing randomly with Ashley, sharing Fantasy Football insights with Jonathan, contemplating philosophy with Jordan, stall parties with James, getting pinched by the Jules, playing beach volleyball with Jill, laughing about who knows what with Nikki and enjoying the most social part of the day with Jenni.

8. Jim MacCallaughs famous "Don't think, just do" statement is in Narnia, spoken by Lucy in Prince Caspian.

9. I think I'm becoming a Radiohead fan.

10. I'm hanging with my Dad tonight, we're playing pool and watching the new movie,"War".




Sean McMullen said...

ryan you are the one who makes bathtime awkward as heck.

Briggins said...

9. I think I'm becoming a Radiohead fan.

^ :)