Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Malagash Bible Camp Entry 6

So last night I did the whole name thing because I didnt feel like typing too much. Anyways on with the reflections.

So I last left off at the end of Junior Teens 1. The end of this week went awry because I didn't say goodbye to any of my campers. They pretty much vanished into thin air before I could give them a high five or a heartfelt hug. This was when I made a bet with Jenni that I could say goodbye to more campers then her in the weeks to come. Nevertheless the week ended. The next day nothing huge was planned. A few of us weren't coming back so the next day those of us who were around decided to head into Tatamagouche to pick strawberries. Getting there we all figured to buy maybe 1 or 2 boxes but we ended up buying 2 flats full. We're crazy. Theres pics on facebook and one on Jennis blog of just how many berries there were. I think me and Chris ate more then we picked that day but one can only pick so many. In the words of John Lennon, "Strawberry fields forever" Amen to that. Before heading back to Malagash we decided to head into the grocery store for some Angel Food Cake to make a scrumptious dessert.

I was really craving some sushi at this point so being the townie I am, I asked the manager if there was any around. He gave me a perplexed look and shrugged "No". I was fairly disappointed but I trudged on. Before we got back to Malagash we decided to head into the Menonite bakery where we got some Ginger Beer, Cookies, Lime Soda, Cherry Soda, etc. The women were even kind enough to give us free rolls of bread. I liked those people, very kind. Upon the way to Malagash I decided to finally take a trip to the Salt Museum to indulge my mind a little bit with some good ol History. Unfortunately the Museum closes at 5 and it was 6 at the time so I felt sad and started walking home.

To my surprise a little kitten decided to follow me back. I tried shooing him away but it was persistent. I tried running but it ran too. I finally decided I'd like the company and walked back with it as my new friend. I think it got tired after a while so I carried him for a while. Getting back to the camp I noticed that this little feller was sick as nails with big goop in his eyes. Sick! Plus because it was in this condition I wasn't allowed to cut strawberries. Fed up with being unable to do stuff, me and Luke took the kitten back to the Museum. When I say this I meant we drove back to the museum, chucked the kitty out the window and sped away.

We got back to Malagash, hung out a bit and had our supper of strawberries and chicken shishkabobs. The girls dressed up nice and the guys did too. After this we all just crashed for a while before having an epic reading of Horse and his Boy before nodding off to sleep.

It was a great day before the week that lay ahead and my impending trip to Tadie Hospital on the horizon.



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