Monday, August 27, 2007

Malagash Bible Camp Entry 5

Junior Teens 1, the first full week of the summer and my very first cabin as a Senior Counsellor with a Junior Counselor under me (I was with Jordan at Beginners). This week I had the pleasure of being with Caleb Howitt, a fine lad whom I've grown to be good friends with over the past couple of months. In my cabin I had a great group of young men named Alex, Corey, Matt, Kevin, Cameron and Parker. Half of them go to my youth group at Grace Chapel so it wasn't hard getting to know them at all. Directing this week was Laura Boyce and speaking was Matt Walsh. They did an outstanding job, everything went by smoothly and it was just an awesome week.

I don't really remember there being a lot of memorable moments this week, some of the things I remember happening was me being able to create Luke an epic cartoon strip in his facebook, Kevin Power requesting to the Worship Team to ask me to sing with them because he overheard my voice at the campfire singalong and thought I was terrific. I remember taking on my boys in a 6 on 1 pillowfight in my cabin, where I destroyed the snot out of them and almost gave Alex a concussion, i was just in the zone and couldnt be stopped. I also remember me and my boys taking on cabin 5 in an elimination type game involving socks being pulled off our feet in order to be eliminated. Heading into it cabin 5 felt confident that they would defeat us but our guys bonded together by brotherhoodness, stuck it to the man and took the larger boys down. We felt like Spartan warriors all day long.

My favorite memory has to be the Mission Impossible game we played thursday night. Caleb went out to be a flashlighter and I was with the cabin. We decided to take a route through the woods next to the baseball fence but we got kindof lost in the dark. We then stumbled upon an underground tunnel. Not knowing where it would take us we decided to plunge into it. I say plunge because it had rained earlier that night and the water was up to our shins. It took us 15 mins to go through because we had very little light and no sign of our quarry. We made it through eventually but were quickly caught by passerbyers. Heading back to the lodge we realized steam was coming off our bodies! It was awesome! We totally lost the game but my guys were estatic we went through such an endeavor as the tunnel. A memory that'll last with me for a while.

Junior Teens 1 was a really great spiritual week too. All my guys opened up and shared some really great things from their hearts. It was my first week leading devotions and I really felt that God was working through me, giving me the wisdom and intelligence to say the right words and open up about my walk in life. There were some days I went into the cabin not really sure what to talk about but God was with me in those moments and he provided for me. I felt really blessed this week not only to have such a great cabin but to have felt Gods hand upon me in my first week as a Senior Counsellor in such a leaderly role.

Next post is about the week that followed, the strawberry picking weekend fiesta and the visit to the Menonite Bakery.



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Jenn said...

Spartan warriors! woot woot! My dream about my campers deep conversation! You need to get some pictures uploaded on here with the writings! Love the posting though!