Saturday, August 25, 2007

Malagash Bible Camp Entry 4

Beginners Week went well, camp was finally in the full swing of things and to celebrate this joyous occasion, the staff traveled to PEI for the day. We were headed to a friends of Josh's to do some horsebackriding at his farm. On the way up, we stopped at the little village off the bridge to meet up with Dave. It was fun going through the various tourist traps, museums, etc. One funny memory I have is me and Luke getting a picture with a plastic cow, Karens cowboy hat that I wore and buying 2Litres of chocolate milk and drinking the whole thing. I said at the time "NEVER AGAIN" but right about now I could go for one. One big mistake i made on this day was that I was wearing kleets, no sandals for an entire day. i still don't know what i was thinking

Anyways, so off we went to the farm. When we arrived we met Mitch and he showed us around. Introduced us to his horses Prince and i forget the other ones name. Also there were cats everywhere you looked which made Jill really happy. I think out of everyone there I was the most eager to ride the big horses. it was fun trotting around the back pasture. to pass the time we threw work gloves all balled up as footballs to eachother and tried to whip the person closest to us. after this we decided to go swimming down at the coast. not all of us went and few of us had bathing suits...actually it was just me who didnt have one so i had to wear my pants in. ah well. me and Josh made an interesting discovery, that if you run circles around the water you can make a whirpool, thus making the water a little warmer. when we got out we headed to someones house that from the inside looked like the front deck of a ship. it was sweet. embarassing story happened here, me and Josh were changing upstairs, there were no rooms up there just stairs leading to a flat floor. we decided to change regardless and before we did we told Jenni to not let anyone up. Apparently she didnt do her job well and Anna came up the stairs, and let me just say i'm glad shes a nurse, so it wasnt that awkward.

After this we left the ship house to head into town to find some icecream, we walked around the boardwalk, went into an exquisite chocolate shop, and finally found some icecream where Luke willingly offered to buy penniless me some icecream. after this we all decided to head out to an amusement park where we played mini golf. i was the unfortunate one who they decided to try and hit me with the ball in order to receive a dollar from Sarah. it was a fun round we played. before this me Jenni and Luke found a little playground with a spinny ride contraption that i got freaking sick on after a couple spins. spinny rides are my worst enemy yet i decided to jump anyways, still dont know why i did it. anyways, after golf Briggins and Dave and Joshs friends chose to go kart before we left. it was funny watching them go, the look of Mitch's face was priceless.

After this we all decided to have some food, Me, Jill, Luke and Nikki or was it Ashley, i forget went out to Subway, brought it back out to this amazing playground, at an elementary school. good subs they were. after this everyone came about and we played like little kids for a good hour. it would've been awesome to play grounders on that thing. after this we said our goodbyes and headed back home. the ride back consisted of making a top 10 list of fruits we love. it was a good ride back.

And thats the story of our trip to PEI. The week that followed was Junior Teens 1, my favorite camp week of the summer and I'll tell you all about it in the next post.




The Bruce said...

it was Anna. i miss you, dude. peace

Jenn said...

Ok so,
1. I was not told anything about not letting people upstairs. I was in the bathroom changing with Julia and Sarah.
2. Mini golf was so fun, merry-go-round not so fun, it made me extremely sick feeling.
3. That ice cream was so good, Peanutbutter crunch.
4. I would comment about our time at Pizza Delight(when you went to Subway) but i'm sure Briggins will when we comes to it. I'll just say it was a delight.
5. I loved our ride home and our sweet lists, it's funny how no one slept.
See you in 7-10 days!

Briggins said...

did you never get learned?your grammer and puncution. are lacking