Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Malagash Bible Camp Entry 2

Just to let you guys know, I'm not going to put pics up because you can access them so much easier on facebook. plus I dont have any pics of my own to put up because i only took mental pics all summer which i'll tell you about in the following entry series. :)

Anyways, training week was awesome, a few more fond memories came to my head over the past few nights, like the time me and Chris had a balance log fight in the woods, making epic poems, like "Whisper and Manipulate" on the kitchen fridge with Lukes magnet words. There was Son Castle Faire practice time where Stuart, Cornelius, Rosemary, Nadine and our Heralds (Jenni and Nikki) came to be. Then there was our fun filled work days where we'd do all kinds of stuff. Memories like me and Jenni being LATHARGIC (best word) by throwing rocks at a stick standing up in a rock pile, me splashing paint all over my clothes whilst painting the bball nets, the game me and Josh invented that Brian wasn't too fond of, Briggins being made into a girl....still haunts me to this day seeing those pics, Nikki projecting broccoli into the air at the dinner table, manly man Chris without his shirt on during work hours, pulling tree after tree outta the forest, the gophers me and Julia spotted and later shotgunned by James....the bear that stared me down the first day of camp behind the white picket fence, thankfully scared away by Jenni and her parents.

S'all I can remember for now, anyways the week after, Alice Housing Camp was cancelled to the dismay of the staff, so we had an extra couple of days until the Beginners Camp began. We spent them pretty much the same way we spent the week before, just having fun, studying Gods word, and getting prepped up for the weeks ahead. Josh told us during these days that we'd be going up to PEI for a day to do some horsebackriding and such. I don't know about everyone else but I was pumped to ride on a horse for the first time.

I'll begin the next post with the beginners week.



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Jenn said...

Yesterday i found myself quoting lines from our skit ALOT, "the good news is, the smell in the moat is gone!" My family had no clue what i was talking about. I love it.