Monday, August 20, 2007

Malagash Bible Camp, entry 1

I just returned from my summer at Malagash Bible Camp. Heading into it I didn't know what to expect, questions like "How will God use me?" and "Will I be able to do the things he's called me to do?" were floating around my head. Needless to say I doubted myself and bottled up my feelings of worry and distress. Throughout the summer, God definitly revealed himself to me. He taught me how to come to him for help, for comfort and rely on him for confidence and wisdom. He showed me how to focus, how to spend time on things that matter, to take advantage of the day and not wait for something bad to happen.

This summer I learned a lot about God, about people and about myself. I made new friendships, established relationships and had many opportunities to share my love of Christ with others. I saw God work his way into the hearts of kids and the staff at Malagash.

It was a summer of memories, laughs, and really awesome experiences. It would take too long to talk about everything that went on this summer so I'll just talk about a few things that happened.

Training Week
It seems like yesterday that the staff got together for the first time. I arrived the day before it all began with Julia and we had a grand time making supper, swimming and getting settled in. Jenni came a little later that evening and we had fun oggling through her highschool yearbook. The next day, the staff arrived one by one. Chris, Luke, Jonathan, James, Jordan, Josh, Anna, Karen (Jill), Nikki and Ashley. Training week went pretty smoothly. We'd all wake up, have breakfast, have a morning worship/study then have time to either practice drama, worship, etc. Then it was yard work with James or Jim MacCallaugh Junior. The days were filled with hauling logs, painting, setting up things, etc. At nights we would practice our full time skit which I'll get to a little later. After that we'd just hang out and enjoy one anothers company. One night I taught ballroom dancing to the staff and other nights we played Mario Kart/Party, some times we would read Narnia or just sit around and chat. All in all it was a really great week, just getting to know everyone a little better and meet new friends. One of my favorite memories of training week was when we all went down to Pugwash to watch a fireworks display, enjoy some music (Can't you see, can't you see, what that woman's been doin to me?) you FTS know what I mean. we also took pics next to a playground, i found a kitty and briggins almost got left behind.
I"ll talk more about this week and others in this Malagash series of posts.

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Jenn said...

Rybo! I loved that post, i forgot about that first night, so good! I can't wait to hear more even though i lived it out! Such a great summer! I loved every minute of it, even though sometimes it was diffcult. I'll send you my bum pinches!