Thursday, August 23, 2007

Malagash Bible Camp Entry 3

"Jesus wouldnt hurt us with a hook so why would you Captain Hook?"

That quote has haunted me for the past couple of months. I'll explain how it happened a little later.

Anyways, Beginners week, the first week, well more like a half week began at the start of July. It was my first cabin ever as a Senior Counsellor so it was very cool. I had some really sweet kids, some rambunctious and rowdy but altogether good kids. Little Jacob, Isaac, Cute as can be Christian, James and how could i forget, Suliman. It was a good 3 days, the kids had a great time and it was fun getting things rolling. Anna was the speaker that week and she did really great, she was clear, organized and God really helped her connect her with the kids. Chris directed and did an excellent job.

I dont have too many memories from this week except for the epic game of Fairy Tale Creatures, the day that'll stick with me for a long time. Well the story goes, myself, Josh and Ashley were villains who were supposed to run around the camp trying to ensnare the little ones precious diamonds that they received from the good fairy tale creatures. I had the privledge of being Captain Hook, Josh was Sheer Kahn and Ashely was Cruella de Ville. Luke was Robin Hood and I can remember him giving little Christian his bow, making him the happiest camper I've seen ever. Briggins was Tarzan and I remember hearing about how Suliman freaked at the sight of a three quarter naked blond haired man in Cabin 6. Julia was the dashing Cinderella, Jill was Tinkerbell, and I think the other girls and Chris/Jordan were running with the campers.

Anyways the game went well, all were having fun, that is until I found Jenni's cabin, I chased them quite a lot during this game so Jenni concocted a most evil plan. She told the girls to give me a biblical guilt trip. So what happened was I came upon the girls and the tiniest girl in the group turned around and said in a petite voice "Captain Hook, do u know a guy named Jesus? He would never attack us with a sword so why would you?" This was followed up by crying.

I tell you know that never before has my heart shrunk so small. I froze, and slunked back to the anchor where i remained heartbroken the rest of the night. To my joy, I found the girls were not totally mortified and forgot about the trauma that had happened.

So that's my favorite story from Beginners week. I'll write about the weekend in PEI that followed and the sweet week of Junior Teens 1 that followed it up in my next post.



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julia said...

Rybo, I actually told Vanessa to say that..... she was fully terrified.
She thought you guys were real, and the rest of us too, so I thought she might share what she'd learned about this guy Jesus during the week. I AM SORRY! :)