Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Tragedy of the Movie Theatre Consumerism

As a few of you are aware, I have busted my butt working at Empire Theatres 18 in Bayers Lake for well over 2 years now. Many a time I have scoffed at the poor qualities the business has to offer. For instance, a small bag of popcorn, as of right now, costs $4.55 and a normal bottle of water is $3.35. Freakin highway robbery is what I call that piece of garbage. On top of that, they make you pay an additonal 56 cents for butter, so unless you are willing top pay over 5 bucks you cant enjoy a wholesome popcorny meal whilst sitting back and enjoying the show. The sad thing my friends....people still buy this expensive junk and it breaks my heart everytime I sell it to the misguided people of Nova Scotia. What is the world coming to? Just sneak in your own food or go to the dollar store.

Bottom line....don't buy movie theatre food, it'll burn a whole in your pocket and in your soul as you later on in life contemplate the stupidity you contained in your movie-going career.



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