Friday, December 1, 2006

Yes! I remember my password!

Well as my title indicates I finally remembered my password and can continue blogging.

So quite a few days have passed by since my last journal entry and not much has happened so I feel it necessary to call upon the ancient Muses to help me recite a lyric of my days of old.

I shall recount the story of my first meeting with my sister in law Ruth. It was a cold wintery night in the year of the 2000 and 5 and my partner in crime Briggins was accompanying me at my humble abode. The phone rang once, twice and I finally picked it up. It was Sean. He was calling to catch up with my person and relegate <----is this a word?, his experiences at Bible College, etc, etc. Anyways, the real reason he called was to introduce me via the phone his new girly Ruth. (They weren't married at the time). We said our hellos, our hows it goings and finally nice to meet you's and so on. She had to go for a second (or so I thought) so I took the oppurtunity in expressing to Briggins my thoughts on the lass. Quite frankly my words were, "WOW, she sounds pretty awesome!" To my adolescent awkwardness, Ruth was apparently still on the phone and had heard me speak the my astounding words. (or so I believe).

.........Never in my life was I so glad to be over 100 miles away from the person I was talking to. Embarassed, surprised and in a chuckling mood I quickly said c ya and got out of the convo. Briggins and I had a good hysterical laugh afterwards.

Anyways thats my story



P.S. If you'll comment, invoke ideas for me to write about, I would love the input.

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Briggins said...

I'm pretty sure you just said "Wow she sounds pretty" You DID NOT say awesome at the end.