Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Early Mornin Madness

Today I woke up at around 10:30, a usually good time to wake up I must say but when I did I felt a whopper of a drowsy combo, grogginess, nauseous and starving. Like tripping on pa-otti without the pa-otti....(can someone tell me what pa-otti is anyways). Anyways, I did my daily search for food in my kitchen for 2 minutes without finding anything so I came to the computer and checked up on my dynamic fantasy sport teams.

Can't wait for Christmas




Briggins said...

You are nowhere near the Dynasty known as the Warriors. Currently in second in two football leagues, 2nd in hockey, and only going up from there.

Dave said...

Make that know where near the dynasty's of the Warriors and The Machine. Where are you basketball and hockey haven't seen you near the top in a while.

Ryan said...

When you said pa-otti, did you mean peyote?

Sean McMullen said...

I think paotti is some type of mushy drug. Don't know. Check wikipedia.