Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jamaican Bobsled Team? Canadian Tricycle Teams much better!

As my title indicates there is (or was) in fact a Canadian Tricycle Team.

It began in the yesteryears of our yesterdays long, long ago when myself and my brothas had within our arsenal a petite red tricycle. Initially designed for 5-6 years old, us brothers McMullen took it upon ourselves to learn the ways of the tri-cycle. Since I do not have primary photo imagery of our tri-cycle team I will have to thus indulge you readers with a Paint Picture I drew up in about 5 mins.
For some reason blogspot hates me and I cant get the pic formated the way I want it so bear with me on this one.
Anyways, as our team would go, Sean would be the driver and might I add the most comfortable seat on the cycle. I on the otherhand would place myself on the back of the tricycle holding on to the curved pole connecting the back and the front seat. Matt would yell out encouragement as this was a two man effort. sorry matt. Anyhoo, we would situate ourselves at the top of a moderately steep hill and at the count of three, caroose down this hill as fast as possible. Not even giving a hootenany about the oncoming traffic we would race down this hill like a chubby guy runs to A&W for the grandpa burger.
Moral of the story is...............dont tricycle because it only ends up in bruised bottoms and hearty headaches and we have the scars to prove it true.

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