Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Snowbowl approaches

Well its down to that time of year again and your average everday people will once again lace up for an insane day of football at TreMont field. Last year the Fall River phonies won the whole shindig because of their dumb all-nova scotian team where they had 2 subs (including the traitor Julia) in an icy cold field plus they are just rough. This year however Grace Chapel will reclaim what has been so abruptly stolen from them with a handful of new teams including one that I'll talk about in 2 seconds...

The unnamed team I speak of consists of 6 players: Me, Briggs, Nelson, Julia (she defected from Fall River) Harris and his friend Tanner. This years Sno-Bowl is for the first time a gunslinger league. For those of you who dont know what that is, its a passing only game. Thats right NO RUNS, unless one of us has an accident but lets not go there.

With passing only our unnamed team is hoping to act upon the challenge with a team full of quick legs and smart hands. Could this be the year of the unnamed team...time will tell.



P.S Footballs not stupid Julia and one day you will be a drone like me and Briggs and talk about football every day of the week, mark my words you're time will come.


Sean McMullen said...

Ryan you're weird.

Good luck and Godspeed.

Oh look a duck who has to pee!


julia said...

ok. i didn't trade on y'all.... noone saved me a spot on a team!!
RE: going back to FR team... I might. Tanner is CLEARLY the favorite here :(. We'll have to wait to see though. I'm not sure yet.
AND I do like football, but I really prefer to see it live, not watch it on tv.