Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Look a likes

So I've been thinking recently, why do people have lookalikes in the world. Is it merely a coincidence or is there some reason behind it. My conclusion on the matter is that I'm just glad God's creation is so perfect that there are no two people alike on the planet. Who could handle two Jonny Hartlens or weird MacDonald ladies named Darlene I may ask. Anyways heres my supposed look a like in the world that Jonathan pointed out to me earlier. His name is Ron Francis, an ex NHL supastar. Just add some glasses and prepare for a gasp.

Freaky isnt it?

For all you bloggers, do a blog with your look a like on it.



1 comment:

julia said...

lets hope that johnny doesn't find your blog ro... or you're going to be slashed worse than you could ever imagine next monday.