Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Heroes Week

For the next week or so I will make a short blog about the heroes in my life and I'll be saving the best for last. Props to the people who guess who my favorite hero will be.

To start things off I'll go with Romeo Dallaire.
I studied this guy in grade 11 Canadian History and man did he leave an impact on me. Dallaire was a United Nations Peacekeeper in the early 90's and in 1993 during the civil war in Rwanda, Africa he was sent along with 300 soldiers to establish peace in the country. For a while his mission was a success but eventually the reinforcments who were supposed to be sent to relieve the troops decided not to come, leaving Dallaire and his men in horrible circumstances. Many of his men left, leaving Dallaire with only a few men left in his regiment to sustain an entire country! Unbelievably, Dallaire decided to stay despite the small numbers and lack of resources. In his 3 months there he saved the lives of thousands of refugees but eventually developed post tramautic stress disorder because of the Hell that he witnessed while doing what nobody else was willing to do. Dallaire now works for the Canadian Government but still suffers from his disorder every day and is constantly lamenting the U.N to do more in Africa.

Romeo Dallaire is a true hero as he was willing to risk his life (despite the insurmountable odds that surrounded him) for a people that nobody cared about.



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