Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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so yeah, i've been gone for over a month so let me elaborate on what went down in that time period.

I left for Sean and Ruth's a little over a month ago. It was just a great time, being able to hang out with my Big brother and now new sister. I spent most of my time playing video games, eating sandwhiches, discussing lost, going for long walks and talks. I also went up to Northern Ontario for a few days to visit with Ruth's family. The only bad part about my trip was the 26 hour train ride up there and the 26 hour ride down. The way up I had to sit with a family who was going to Bombay, they had 5 little kids and they weren't happy being on the train either. And to finish it off, my bag didn't arrive home with me but came the next day to my great relief.

Since then I've been working it up at Empire which I can't wait to finally quit (3 years of being there) in a few weeks as I get ready to go to Malagash this summer.

These past few weeks I've spent my days hanging around with various friends, Dave, Julia and of course my right hand man Briggins. The other day I went swimming with the Churchills and Luke Docksteader in what was a freakin freezing cold swim.

And thats it for now.



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