Monday, February 12, 2007

Hero #2

First off I apologize to all you crazy people who feel it necessary to blog every day. I for one refuse to be a drone to the blogging world and hope one day everyone feels the same.

Anyhoo, my second hero is King Leonidas of Sparta. Many of you are probably scratching your heads saying who the hay is this guy. Well in 480 BCE Sparta was invaded by the supremely powerful Persian Empire. The Persians basically ripped to pieces the Spartan Empire. Cut off from all routes save one, the Spartan civilians had to rely on one last defence, the narrow pass of Thermopalaye. To defend this pass from the Persian army, King Leonidas sent 300 of his best men including himself to this pass, to secure it and enable his people to escape the oncoming Persian onslaught. Obviously a suicidal mission, Leonidas fought valiantly against the Persian army of....get this...1 million men! Valiant fighting was not enough and every Spartan defender on the field, died after only a few days of fighting.

Leonidas was a hero that day and in the face of impending doom managed to secure the lives of thousands of his people. I don't know about you guys but this guy puts the Man in He's the man.

If you want to see this amazing story on screen go see the upcoming movie "300" in March. It's going to be epic!!!!



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There is a penis in that picture. That is gross.