Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hero #3

My third hero is probably going to come with a lot of 'sighs' and 'yeah rights' but nevertheless my third hero is this years SuperBowl Champion and MVP Peyton Manning.

Peyton has been the object of nearly every criticizer in the NFL for a good long time. "Can't win the big one" was what haunted the man for the entireity of his illustrious career. 7 times he was ousted in the playoffs after having led his Indianapolis Colts to division titles, first round byes, amazing records, etc and yet the SuperBowl has always eluded him.

This year thankfully the monkey is off his back as he led his Colts past the Chiefs, Ravens, Patriots<---------they are horrible by the way...and da Chicago Bears. It was an awesome feeling seeing Archies Boy hold up the Vince Lombardi Trophy on SuperBowl Sunday and good to see his coach Tony Dungy win the big one as well. *First black coach to do so. Anyways, Manning is no longer the object of criticism, time for new blood, my bet is it'll be either Tony Romo or Rex Grossman-----now he really sucks. Peyton Manning is one of my heros because of his headstrong mental capacity to not buckle down to the critics, the playoff losses and remain his poise. He's a prime example that patience and hard work pays off, maybe not when we want it but nevertheless it does. Go Peyton!!

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