Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Challenge for my fellow Bloggers

I challenge you all to try to list the names of your homeroom teachers starting from primary to grade 12. University has no homeroom teachers.

Primary-Ms. Williams
Gr. 1-Ms Hamilton
Gr. 2-Mrs Friday
Gr 3-Ms. Hill
Gr 4-Mrs Dauphinee
Gr 5-Mrs Sladen Reyner/Mr. Kane
Gr 6-Mrs Sladen Reyner
Gr 7-Mme Matheson
Gr 8-Mr Boudreau
Gr 9-Mme Chambon-Dias
Gr 10-Mrs Coates/Mr Saab
Gr 11-Ms Johnson/Mr MacEachern
Gr 12-Mr McNair/Mr Penney




Leah said...

All right so, I got a blogger account JUST so I could do this.

Primary - Mrs. Nichelson
Gr. 1 - Mrs Williams
Gr. 2 - Mrs. Verma
Gr. 3 - Mme Dugas
Gr. 4 - Mrs. Dauphinee
Gr. 5 - Mrs. Pianosi
Gr. 6 - Mrs. Healy
Gr. 7 - Mme Matheson
Gr. 8 - M Boudreau
Gr. 9 - Mme Chambon-Dias

Now it gets a little fuzzy...

Gr. 10 - Ms. Johnson / M Saab?
Gr. 11 - ??? / ??? (I remember all my classes, just not the blocks...)
Gr. 12 - Mme Campbell / FREE!! (so Mr. Vickers)

We have a lot of the same! haha

beth said...

well since i dont blog, i ll just have to post it here .. since i live out here i doubt youll even know any of the teachers, but its still fun

primary: mrs amos
gr 1: mrs doake
gr 2: mrs doake
gr 3: mrs abreu
gr 4: mrs mcleod
gr 5: ms lloyd
gr 6: mr thomson
gr 7: mr ross
gr 8: mrs rogers
gr 9: mr turner
gr 10: mme priemeau/ m. joyce

the last two years are yet to come!
cant wait to see you at camp this summer ryan; congrats!! :)