Friday, March 23, 2007

The GCHA and those who've run the carpet

Recently me and Jonathan or what 90% of the world calls Briggins and I thought of a cool idea. For the past several years Grace Chapel has held hockey night periodically through the weeks/months, etc. We thought It'd be cool to try to name all the players we could who have been a part of the GCHA at least once in their lives. Here is my list: *??? means last name unavailable

Ryan McMullen Jean Pierre Brien Kevin ??? Simon Mandari
Matt McMullen Marc Andre Brien Kyle??? Jamie???
Jonathan McMullen Jordan Stephens James??? Jeff Ferrand
Sean McMullen John Forsythe Dennit??? Tims friend ???
David Briggins Johnathan Forsythe Josh??? Darryl Cameron
Jonathan Briggins Jonathan Draper Ian??? Chris Musquash
Mark Harris Mark Benoit Jonny Hartlen Steve Green
Dylan Harris Jacob Greenslade Dean ??? Graeme Higgs
Dylan Wells Dan MacEvoy Jonnys nameless friend Matt Walsh
Glenn Leiper James Bryant Ken Hubley Peter Walsh
Tim Leiper Mark Gossen Ken Jones Gary Ward
Nelson Wiebe Tom Willlett Maureen Jones Kevin Jolly
Elden Wiebe Tanner ??? Hudson Trenholm Scott??, (seans friend
Mitch MacCallum David Josey Morgan Hodder Briggins cousin ??
Peter MacCallum Jeff Burton Chris Cameron Paul Medeiros

60 I've counted there is also an honorable mention, the guy who poked his head in the gym door and just vanished when I went looking for him!



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Matt and Christine said...

You left out old-school play-ahs like Nick Down, Jordan Allen, and Henry Visser. I'm impressed you remembered me; I've only been there 4 times in eight years.

Matt Walsh